Richard Dubuisson

Instructional Coach for Authentic and Performance Assessments

Richard Dubuisson is a school change coach with the Center for Secondary School Redesign (CSSR) focused on collaborative practices as well as performance assessments. Richard served as an instructional coach in the i3 New England Network for Personalization and Performance. In this role he worked with teacher teams to understand the role of authentic assessment in developing a culture of inquiry in the classroom, and to develop and refine authentic assessments and inquiry-based lessons.

Throughout Richard’s nineteen-year career in education he has demonstrated an unshakable belief in the potential of urban young adults. He has put his experience as a proven leader and project manager, as well as his experience in program design, to work promoting social and economic justice, and creating and supporting educational opportunities for underserved populations. Richard has worked as a classroom teacher, instructional and leadership coach, expert facilitator and public speaker.

For Richard, the most enduring impact of the i3 New England Network is that educators in all thirteen schools now have the tools to challenge students to own their learning. As a coach, he grew in his own professional practice by building a holistic approach to whole school redesign—one that puts equal emphasis and training on leadership, teacher and student development.

Richard holds a B.A. in Education, History & French Studies from Duke University. He grew up in Haiti, and currently lives in Stoneham, MA with his wife and two children. He enjoys traveling, and is an avid college basketball and European soccer fan. 



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