Raymond High School

Raymond, NH

Raymond is a rural town with approximately 12,000 residents located in southern New Hampshire. Raymond High School is a public, comprehensive high school serving approximately 460 students in grades 9-12.  27% of students are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch. The school is committed to personalizing learning for all students and offers a wide range of programs and initiatives directly aimed at engaging every learner with a focus on academic, emotional and social needs.

The greatest accomplishment recognized by RHS as part of the involvement with the i3 New England Network is the Authentic Assessment Team. The Authentic Assessment Team focuses on rigor and relevance through the use of demanding protocols and student-centered best practices. What started as a small team of four teachers is now a team of twenty – representing nearly half of the teaching staff. The team’s collaboration and dedication to continuous improvement is reflected in increased levels of student engagement and standardized test scores. RHS recognizes the modeling and guidance of CSSR as crucial to their success. They are steadfast in the Team’s ability to move forward sufficiently with a clear sense of what the future will hold.

“It was rewarding and extremely beneficial to receive my ‘teacher training’ at a school where student-centered, inquiry-based learning is simply a way of life. Easily, the most meaningful and exciting experience for me over the last few years has been the ability to collaborate with my colleagues across disciplines, while witnessing the level of student engagement and rigor increase in my own classroom. Our Authentic Assessment Team has inspired me as both a learner and a teacher. It is absolutely true that the need for constant improvement is what leads to better educational experiences for both our teachers and our students. Being a member of the i3 New England Network transformed my teaching in a way that is difficult to put into words.”

Christina Burns, Site Coordinator, seven-year veteran English teacher





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