Newfound Regional High School

Bristol, NH

The Newfound Area School District is located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, serving the primarily rural communities of Bristol, Alexandria, Bridgewater, Hebron, Groton, New Hampton, and Danbury. Newfound Regional High School (NRHS) is a public, comprehensive high school serving approximately 420 students in grades 9-12. 32% of students are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch. The school is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and is a 2010 New Hampshire School of Excellence. NHRS has embraced the statewide transition to competency-based learning, and is committed to programs and processes that meet the demands of 21st century education

As a result of the involvement with the i3 New England Network, NRHS recognizes the following accomplishments: 1) Redefining the Student Staff Senate into a group that is making real change in the school; 2) Supporting teachers, including through the development of strong tools, in understanding the transition to a competency-based system; and 3) the ongoing collaboration of the Change Culture Team.

“The biggest impact of i3 on our school has been a shift in the culture of ownership. Students and staff use their voice to effect change both in the classroom and in the school environment. Collaboration is the norm now. Thoughtful, meaningful, and relevant assessments are the new expectation. Both students and staff alike have adopted the mindset and habit of showcasing their work.”
Paul Hoiriis, Principal



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