Nashua High School North & South

Nashua, NH

Nashua, NH is an industrial/residential city with a diverse population of approximately 90,000 residents located immediately north of the Massachusetts border. Nashua’s average household income is $60,000. In 2004, Nashua Senior High School was split into two high schools – Nashua High School North, and Nashua High School South– both urban, public, comprehensive high schools serving students in grades 9-12. Nashua South serves approximately 1,900 students and approximately 38% of students are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch. Nashua North serves approximately 1,800 students and approximately 43% of students are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch. Each school has an extensive college preparatory curriculum that includes 22 Advanced Placement courses and a number of two-year applied technology programs. Hundreds of students travel between the two schools each day to take advantage of various course offerings available on the two campuses. A single superintendent oversees both high schools. The leadership teams from both schools meet regularly and together tackle issues that impact both campuses (i.e. curriculum or grading systems.)

“Teachers are now asking for more opportunities to go back and revise units of instruction and particular performance tasks and assessments based on the outcomes of their work with various protocols, (calibrating, consultancy, etc.) and are now using these protocols in their classes with students to examine text and to work through rubrics. Perhaps the most powerful and meaningful personal experience involved a graduating senior who wrote me a note in June 2015 that read simply, “Thank you for hearing my voice.” Both Nashua North and Nashua South are now fully committed to affording students opportunities to have a meaningful voice in their high school experience with regard to policies and practices that impact just about every aspect of their time within our schools.”

Margaret Reynolds, Site Coordinator, Director of Secondary Curriculum



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