Kearsarge Regional High School

North Sutton, NH

Kearsarge Regional High School (KRHS) serves seven towns within the Lake Sunapee region of New Hampshire: Bradford; Newbury; New London; Sutton; Springfield; Warner and Wilmot. The total seven-town population of this rural area is 15,500. KRHS is a public, comprehensive high school serving approximately 590 students in grades 9-12. 18.8% of the student population is eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch. For the past eight years, KRHS has been shifting from a traditional teacher-led learning community to a more personalized school. The school has embraced performance and inquiry-based assessment, moving towards full implementation of competency-based grading and reporting by SY16-17.

KRHS recognizes two major accomplishments as a result of participating in the i3 New England Network. The first is full implementation of the Senior Project graduation requirement. Senior Project is independent from class instruction and completely student-driven. The second is the staff-wide implementation of Critical Friends Groups – cross-disciplinary groups that meet monthly to discuss, evaluate, and validate instruction and assessment practices. These meetings are entirely staff-run, using protocols developed in the i3 New England Network, and are identified by faculty as the most supportive and constructive professional development they have had in years.

“As site coordinator, I am proud of the KRHS staff that supported the development of the i3 project and were willing to work outside their initial comfort zone in order to improve our instruction and assessment practices. Additionally, I have continued to be impressed with the willingness of our student population to engage with curriculum that has changed as a result of the i3 grant work, along with their mature approach to the concepts of greater student voice and choice within the classroom. I have personally grown as a teacher and an individual who feels more confident to strategically initiate and lead changes within a school.”

Chris Geraghty, Site Coordinator, eleven-year veteran Social Studies teacher



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