Don Siviski

Policy Coach

Don Siviski is a school change coach at the Center for Secondary School Redesign (CSSR). He provides leadership and policy change coaching for districts on the journey to student centered learning. He is the lead coach for Springdale, AR’s Race to the Top-District project.  Don served as a policy coach in the i3 New England Network for Personalization and Performance.

Don’s career spans 44 years in education, working at all levels. He worked as a middle school teacher for twelve years; a district superintendent for thirteen years; and State Superintendent of Instruction for three years. While at the Maine DOE, Don played a critical role in Maine’s adoption of the Proficiency-Based Diploma, a law requiring that high school graduation be based on demonstration of proficiency – not seat-time. Don believes it’s time to meet the needs of every child with a personalized, anytime, anywhere, educational experience. He is committed to expanding proficiency- and performance-based education and learner-centered schools.

For Don, the most enduring impact of the i3 New England Network is that district leaders will now have the confidence to initiate or embark upon the culture change journey of student centered learning. His work in the i3 New England Network has affirmed his own attitudes, beliefs and values about bringing to scale personalized schools committed to performance assessment and competency-based progressions.

Don holds a B.S. in Math/Physics from the University of Maine, Farmington and a M.S. in Education Administration from the University of Maine. He has completed post-graduate study at the Leadership Institute at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. When not supporting the work of schools, Don enjoys spending time with his wife of 42 years (his anchor for culture change), his 3 adult children (the greatest professors of his life), and his 6 grandchildren (his passion for student-centered education.)



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