Putting Students at the Center:

The i3 New England Network

Culture of Inquiry

A culture of inquiry is a set of conditions that exist within a school or a district in which the focus of the learning for students and adults is around answering important and compelling questions.

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Power of a Network

In order to make the transformational shift towards student driven learning, the i3 New England Network made intentional design choices to harness the power of networking—employing skilled facilitative leadership to support each site.

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Shared Leadership

Shared leadership is especially important in high demand environments like schools. Creating leadership “density”—beyond those in “positional” authority—can greatly accelerate the change process.

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Student Agency

Schools must create a set of conditions in which students are empowered to become key partners in the decision-making process about issues that affect their daily experiences in school.

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Student Driven Learning

At its best, student driven learning enables young people to bring their unique life experiences and interests into the learning environment. Students take ownership for what, how, and even where they learn.

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The Ecosystem of Student Driven Learning: