How to use this site

Whether you are a student, teacher, administrator, parent or community leader, we hope you will find a wealth of resources to help you consider how to begin the implementation of school redesign in your own district and community.

This platform tells the story of five years of school transformation work in thirteen schools in New England. It captures both the accomplishments and the challenges of large-scale change, and offers a vision of what is possible for traditional public schools. It recognizes that 21st century public schools require a flexible, student-driven culture of teaching and learning to better prepare students to self-advocate and navigate our complex global society.

Each of the schools in the i3 New England Network began this work at a different level of readiness and all of them made significant strides toward redesigning their schools. This is a story about how small steps—taken strategically and with unrelenting focus—can lead to big change!

Toward the end of the grant period, we gathered input from project stakeholders – students, teachers, school and district leaders, as well as CSSR school change coaches – to reflect on the work and consider the many lessons learned.   From these conversations, we were able to articulate a working framework that captured what we consider to be the core elements of effective high school redesign—which we call the “Ecosystem of Student-Driven Learning.”  The elements are as follows:

Student Agency
Culture of Inquiry
Power of a Network
Shared Leadership
Student-Driven Learning

In each element of the Ecosystem you will find a description of that element.   You will also find a Resources section containing a mix of stories, tools, artifacts, and other resources that can be utilized at the classroom, school, and district levels, and adapted for your specific context.

We also draw your attention to the CSSR School Transformation Roadmap, a tool that captures the progression toward a student-centered system in three phases:  Traditional, Transitional, and Transformational.  This roadmap appears in each element of the Ecosystem, as a reminder of the journey.  We also highlight the particular aspects of redesign that are relevant to each respective element of the Ecosystem.   We encourage you to print out this Roadmap and revisit it with your colleagues and peers on a regular basis.  Schools have appreciated this tool as an important reminder of their priorities in the change process.

Finally, our videos capture key aspects of the i3 New England Network experience.   Many of these videos are found on the home page and can be accessed by clicking on “Voices from the Field.”