The Performance Assessment Review Board

The Performance Assessment Review (PAR) Board was modeled after the New York Performance Standards Consortium, which was a body that represented a diversity of stakeholders who served as stewards of the work on the ground and motivators for those doing the work.  In the i3 New England Network, the PAR Board consisted of approximately 25 individuals, including school-based practitioners, experts from higher education, foundation and government officials, and others.  They are listed below.

i3 New Engalnd Network PAR Board Members
1.     Karen Hess, Senior Associate, National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment
2.     Fred Bramante, Past Chairman, NH State Board of Education
3.     Gregg Sinner, Retired Principal, School Change Coach, Center for Secondary School Redesign
4.     Keith Pfeifer, Interim Superintendent of Schools, SAU #84 – Littleton School District
5.     Margaret MacLean, Steward, Rural School and Community Trust
6.     Ron Wolk, Big Picture Company, Founding Editor of Education Week
7.     Irv Richardson, Director of Professional Development, NEA New Hampshire
8.     Mayida Zaal, Assistant Professor, Secondary & Special Ed., Montclair State University
9.     Josh Gould, English Teacher, Subject Area Coordinator, Noble (ME) High School
10.   Paul Leather, Deputy Commissioner of Education, New Hampshire
11.   Dick Kraemer, Retired Principal, School Change Coach, Center for Secondary School Redesign
12.   Janet Allison, Retired Director, Commissioner, New England Association of Secondary Schools (NEASC)
13.   Gary Maestas, Superintendent, Plymouth Public Schools
14.   Joe DiMartino, President, Center for Secondary School Redesign
15.   Linda Nathan, Faculty Director, Institute for Creative Educational Leadership, Boston University School of Education
16.   Wayne Ogden, Partner, Consultant in Education Resources Consortium
17.   Ryan Champeau, School Change Coach, Center for Secondary School Redesign
18.   Ann Cook, Co-Director, New York Performance Standards Consortium
19.   Melissa Roderick, Co-Director, Consortium on Chicago School Research, Herman Dunlop Smith Professor, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago
20.   Larry Myatt, Faculty, Doctoral Education Program, Northeastern University
21.   Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor, The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center
22.   Teri Schrader, Head of Schools at the Watkinson School
23.   George Wood, Superintendent, Federal Hocking Local Schools
24.   Beth Miller, Former Director of Research & Evaluation, Nellie Mae Education Foundation